ZoneStruct solutions are designed and built from the ground up to empower our customers. We purposely select only the most interoperable and proven open source technologies to ensure a successful deployment:

  • We build solutions to be interoperable - to ensure compatibility with the widest possible range of services and clients.

  • We build solutions on free and open source technologies wherever possible in order to spare customers lump sum investments or crippling subscription- and license fees.

  • We build services on open standard containers and Kubernetes - ensuring no platform has a hold on your organisation. We purposely avoid integrating with any provider or platform’s unique offerings. Whatever may be the best solution for your organisation be it IAAS, PAAS, SAAS or FAAS - it can be done without Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud proprietary offerings. Run company software on the provider that best matches your organisations requirements, not because it’s locked in.

ZoneStruct is ready to construct your IT zones - responsibly, economically and soundly. Together with our colleagues at Netsemblage and Scribitus there’s no project we can’t handle, no lock-in we can’t undo, no message left unheard.

Note: While this page displays a number of technologies - ZoneStruct is not affiliated with, sponsored by or connected to the organisations behind these technologies in any way. ZoneStruct builds solutions on technologies we deem suitable - nothing more, nothing less.

Explore some of the technologies we build upon: