ZoneStruct builds IT infrastructure solutions to scale. From the most humble deployments to the largest international grids. Our solutions are based on proven cloud technologies to ensure a performant, elastic and resource efficient infrastructure.

We leverage open source technologies at every layer, but ensure full compatibility with proprietary systems. Full integration with Microsoft, Apple and Google devices and services is guaranteed.

We aim to build infrastructures that have the lowest possible financial and technical thresholds. We aim to do more with less resources, physical or otherwise. Hardware is either at work or powered off, it’s that simple. ZoneStruct is ready to construct your IT zones. Economically and environmentally viable solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

Explore some of the technologies we build upon

Note: While this page displays a number of technologies, ZoneStruct is not affiliated with, sponsored by or connected to the organisations behind these technologies in any way. ZoneStruct builds solutions on technologies we deem suitable. Nothing more, nothing less.