User Management

Setting up a company network is prohibitively expensive. After decades of raking in the profits while offering few substantial updates, a Microsoft Server license and a couple of client access licenses still costs thousands of dollars. This for a few licenses and an installation CD; no hardware, no technical support, no SLA - no guarantees.

Worse - Microsoft Server is for a large part based on the very same technologies that have been free to use on other operating systems for decades. Worse still - if an organisation purchases an OEM license to save cost, said license will be invalidated should the server break down. The solution then being to purchase a retail license at twice the price to allow for reinstallation on a new server.

We believe user-, file-, directory- and device management are one of the major thresholds that organisations face when starting up or when the next round of upgrades are due. User management, file- and device sharing should be free - as should the mapping of an organisation’s directory. Paying for added value is fair, paying for mandatory functionality is not.

By combining LDAP and Kerberos (two of the main open source components used in Windows Server) with NFS and Samba, organisations can create an infrastructure that offers all the required functionality; for an unlimited number of users, for all operating systems and architectures - for free.

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