Public Cloud Computing

ZoneStruct is an independent cloud computing specialist, meaning we don’t accept any incentives to favour one solution or provider over another. We won’t insist on building a custom solution from scratch either - if your company’s requirements don’t truly call for it.

In most cases using an online cloud service provider is the best way to go - provided any proprietary or provider-specific solutions are avoided. Building on a Kubernetes cluster for instance will allow for easy migration between online providers - whether it’s self-managed or managed by the provider.

ZoneStruct can help your organisation build an infrastructure on dedicated physical servers, virtual servers or managed clusters. We’re especially adept at creating multi-vendor solutions that scale across multiple vendors and multiple regions - ensuring your organisation can use the best providers and technologies in each region of the world.

From basic application hosting to Continuous Integration and DevOps, API Gateways and more - ZoneStruct is the premier independent cloud specialist.

Any service or application able to run on a traditional server can be made available in the cloud - from file-, user and directory management, accounting software and planning tools to remote desktops and desktop applications such as Office, AutoCAD and PhotoShop.

Get in touch and we’ll happily discuss all the options.

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