On-Site IT Infrastructure

As industry veterans and specialists ZoneStruct’s team has decades of experience with IT infrastructure design, implementation and management. No matter how old or new - we can handle it. There are many cases where the idea of migrating to a new networking and computing paradygm strikes terror in the heart of an organisation.

ZoneStruct can help design a migration path, a path that integrates those do-not-touch-or-else servers with a new company infrastructure or simply help maintain the do-not-touch policy for a while longer until a more permanent solution can be found.

It could also be that your organisation just invested a bundle in a traditional infrastructure and simply wants a few things updated selectively - that’s also fine.

ZoneStruct is an IT infrastructure specialist - we’re not limited to cloud computing. It’s important to remember that most of the services running on private- and hybrid cloud are the same as those running on traditional on-site IT infrastructures.

Whether it’s file-, user and directory management, roaming desktops, remote desktops, telephony or highly specialised business applications - we will always find a solution tailored to your organisations needs.

Get in touch and we’ll happily discuss all the options.

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