Outside of the datacenter there is really no need for specialised networking equipment beyond the basics such as wireless access points, switches and cabling. A well configured Linux router can do more than any router or networking appliance on offer by the major brands.

Customised firewalls, VPN access for mobile workforces, traffic shaping and bandwidth optimisation can all be done in software, without the costs of dedicated hardware. Not only that, but redundancy is a lot easier to realise with commodity hardware than specialised equipment that is simply too expensive to warrant having backup units lying around.

At the end of the day - it’s all software one way or the other. Even advanced protocols such as BGP can be managed in software just fine. ZoneStruct’s networking services include balancing multiple internet connections, customised firewalls and traffic prioritisation by default. We don’t do device models, we only do things once - the right way.

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