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Finding a place to host an application or website in today’s world is a confusing process - and not one without potentially grave consequences. There are many providers out there and most of them will tempt your organisation to integrate with their unique offerings. Go for the integration and find your organisation locked-in - as getting out may require substantial investments in software re-writes, licensing, subscriptions and the like.

ZoneStruct is not a hosting provider - but we can help you design your infrastructure to be as mobile, flexible and energy efficient as possible. To save the company budget as well as the environment long-term.

Using a content delivery network or CDN is no less tricky than hosting a website or application, there are many potential hooks and hidden costs, as well as discrepencies between a CDN provider’s offer on paper vs reality.

To unlock a CDN’s full potential is certainly not free - nor is the use of their entire network across all regions. Cloudflare and others for example only allow access to their mainland China network in their enterprise subscriptions - while your organisation may only need basic features on all other fronts. Enterprise subscriptions are as expensive as they sound; reasonably priced for enterprises, not so much for small- to medium sized businesses.

It may in fact be more cost effective to go DIY on a CDN until the business has grown to a level that justifies the cost of an enterprise subscription with a major CDN provider. In these cases it may be far more affordable to go multi-vendor; rent a few virtual servers with providers located in key areas and set up a custom CDN. We won’t lie - performance won’t be as good as a commercial CDN, but it will certainly increase performance and reduce latency compared to traditional hosting solutions. We could of course build a commercial grade CDN for your organisation as well - but that wouldn’t be financially viable unless the plan is to become a hosting provider. Doing so would require quite a few reserved IP addresses and specialised routing solutions - which doesn’t come cheap as we’re not the ones selling the IP addresses.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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