As a member of NAKARMA Teams - ZoneStruct is all about cleaning up the planet, by empowering people with means and opportunities. We believe it’s vital to lower thresholds in the IT space. Organisations - especially start-ups - should be allowed to focus on their core activities, instead of their supporting infrastructure. Lack of familiarity and means more often than not lead organisations to resort to wasteful solutions in order to avoid crippling IT infrastructure costs. That simply won’t do - and it has to change.

ZoneStruct prioritises customer independence above all other considerations. We believe that a company’s IT infrastructure is the backbone of the organisation. Being able to move freely between providers and platforms is a key element on the road to corporate independence. An IT infrastrucure should be designed to be interoperable, allowing components to be switched or replaced with ease and absolute freedom of choice.

Many provideers offer convenience and relative ease of use at first glace, but vendor lock-in and hidden costs are sure to follow. At ZoneStruct we take a modular approach instead. An IT infrastructure should be a perfectly integrated - yet loosely coupled set of modules.

ZoneStruct offers a full range of services - we can help your organisation migrate to modern solutions, help it develop an IT strategy for the future, deliver whole packages, or assist one module at a time. We make sure that customers get off to the right start, preventing the pitfalls that most proprietary solutions hide in the fine print.

We want organisations to do more with less; less investment, less hardware, less operational cost and less strain on the environment. ZoneStruct is here to construct your organisation’s IT zones.

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