Engaging ZoneStruct for your projects is easy - simply fill out our contact form. After that one of our operatives will contact you by email to discuss the goals and scope of the project. When we feel confident that we understand your wishes - we’ll schedule an online meeting using our online meeting platform. With it we can communicate by audio and video as well as collaborate with multiple participants.

We’ll discuss the finer details of your project in a relaxed but productive atmosphere - to get a clear picture of the things that will need to be done, which points will require extra care or attention as well as setting a time frame and budget. This process is of course free of charge and part of our service. We want our customers to be beyond satisfied when working with ZoneStruct, so getting a clear and full perspective of both your organisation and the project is key.

When we feel confident that all the relevant details have been discussed, we’ll send a quotation for your review. After signing and returning it to us - we’ll get to work.

After completing the first draft outlines, mock-ups or consulting reports - we’ll schedule another meeting and do a thorough review. When you give us the go-ahead we’ll ask you to pay an initial deposit.

When our work is nearing completion we’ll schedule another meeting in order to do a full review, where you’ll have ample opportunity to request revisions or sign off on the work we’ve done.

We’ll then proceed to schedule the full project delivery after receiving final payment. At each and every stage of the project you’ll have the opportunity to schedule additional meetings to steer or adjust our work and process.

We understand that working with an online agency may be a little uncomfortable at first - which is why we don’t ask for payment, or even a deposit until we’ve discussed things in a few meetings, confirmed all the details as well as having done some initial work. By the time we ask you for payment you’ll have seen the work in progress, you’ll have become familiar with us and be fully confident in our work and process.

Get in touch today. There are no strings attached and we’re confident that you’ll end up having a better picture of your project, even if you don’t decide to engage our services. We love to work, but we’re still happy if we can steer a project in a better, greener and leaner direction if we don’t get the job. We’re all about cleaning up the planet and empowering people - profit is a bonus, not a focus.

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