As a team of industry veterans and specialists ZoneStruct has observed common practices in the IT space for a long time. While some of these practices had valid reasons when they were first established, that is simply no longer the case for most if not all of them.

Back in the 1990’s it was understandable for small to medium sized businesses and organisations to adopt proprietary infrastructure solutions - as open source solutions were few and those available had special hardware requirements.

As time went on however many vendors were either absorbed by larger corporate entities or forced out of the market, until only a few major players remained. While open source solutions steadily became more available and user-friendly, they lacked the branding and marketing to embed themselves in the public consciousness as successfully as proprietary vendors have. While enterprises saw the changes and adopted them accordingly, the far larger non-enterprise market was left at the mercy of a few major vendors. After conquering the market these vendors stopped vigorously innovating - instead sitting on their laurels and raking in the profits; looking on while they impeded the growth of start-ups and other smaller organisations.

Fast forward to the present and the situation has changed little. While the advent of cloud computing and rise of new solution providers have forced major vendors to step-up their game somewhat, they can to this day diminish innovation and economic growth with their abuse of power.

To make matters worse - vendors have now fully embraced planned obsolescence; creating disposable or short-lived hardware solutions for each issue. A box for each function - while it could in reality all be done on open hardware. Things are ultimately done in software, despite having a fancy box that claims otherwise. Cases where specialised hardware is truly a requirement are in fact quite rare and if so - said components could just as easily be transformed into add-on components or add-in cards.

ZoneStruct instead sees a future where enterprise solutions are available for organisations of all sizes - in a way that is not only minimal cost or even free, but in a way that is user-friendly enough to allow local communities to become self-sustaining and independent when it comes to technology and infrastructure.

We’re here to make that happen. NAKARMA creates and scales the technologies - while ZoneStruct and other NAKARMA Teams provide the services.

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